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Motor Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Material Fact?
A Material Fact is any information or detail relating to you or your insurance which could affect the premium or the cover under this policy.

What is Duty of Disclosure?
We are obliged to point out that you have a legal duty to provide to insurers all information which is material to the risk being insured, whether unfavourable or otherwise to you, at the time of placement. Material facts would include any information that could influence a decision by an Insurer on whether to accept a risk and if so, upon what premium and terms. If such information is not disclosed by you, your insurer has the right to void your insurance from its commencement. If this right is exercised any claims under your policy will not be met. This responsibility applies throughout the whole period that you are insured. We are required also to advise that failure to make full disclosure of material facts may also cause difficulties for you in trying to purchase insurance elsewhere.

What excess do I pay in the event of a claim?

Accidental Damage/Comprehensive: €300
Third Party: €0
Fire: €0
Windscreen €0
Theft €0
Death Liability €0


(€150 will be deducted if necessary repair work is completed by an Allianz p.l.c. approved repairer)

Do I have windscreen cover?
Yes, all policies on the ESB Staff Insurance Scheme have unlimited windscreen cover. Call Autoglass on 1850 887891 and they will replace or repair your windscreen and bill Allianz p.l.c. direct. No excess, no hassle!

Do I have breakdown cover?

Am I covered to drive somebody else’s car?
If item 5(b) is shown on your current Certificate of Insurance and Section 4 is shown on the current Schedule you are covered to drive somebody else’s car for comprehensive cover on your policy, subject to a maximum engine size of 3000cc and maximum limit of €50,000.

What is Max4Life?
Subject to policy terms and conditions, Max for Life simply means that you will not lose your no claims bonus regardless of how many claims you make!! You must have selected Comprehensive cover, be over 25, hold a full licence, have earned a full No Claims Discount and be conviction free. (refer to section 6 of the motor policy document.

Is there a charge for permanent additional drivers?
If you wish to add a permanent driver, you must contact us for a quotation. There is an additional charge for provisional licence holders.
We do not charge for permanent additional drivers 25+ with a full licence. However, if driving is currently restricted to yourself and your spouse, this may result in an additional charge. Please contact us to discuss.

Motoring Abroad/ Green Card/Bail Bond
When motoring abroad we recommend that you contact us to request a Green Card. A Bail Bond is compulsory for Spain. Remember to always bring your Certificate of Insurance and drivers licence with you.

What do I need to do when changing my car?
Please contact us with the new vehicle details: Registration Number, Make/Model, engine size, value, drivers and inform us prior to collecting your new vehicle.

Who is the scheme open to?
The Scheme is open to ESB Staff/Retired Staff/Spouses

I don't have an Irish licence. Can I get the Penalty Point Free discount?
No. Unfortunately, as penalty points are only applied to Irish driving licences at present, you cannot get a penalty points free discount on your policy

I have been a named driver on someone else’s policy, do I qualify for a No Claims Discount?
Yes depending on the number of years driving experience and claims experience. Please contact us to discuss

Do I need to inform you if I receive Penalty Points?
Yes all Penalty Points must be advised as this is a material fact (please refer to Material Fact and Duty of Disclosure at the top) and may affect your premium.

Can an additional driver be a main user of my vehicle?
No. This is referred to as “fronting”. If it comes to light that an additional driver other than your Spouse/Partner is the main user of the vehicle,(e.g. your son/daughter is using the vehicle to drive to work/college and has become the regular driver) the insurer may void the policy from inception and refuse to deal with any claims.
"Fronting" is the accepted word in the insurance industry to describe when a young person pretends that his/her car is owned and 'mainly driven' by someone else, usually a parent or other relative. They get the parent or relative to insure it in their name and to declare the young person as an occasional driver on the proposal.

What is an excess?

An excess is the amount you must pay as part of certain claims. This amount is usually deducted from your total claim shown on your Schedule