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General Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Material Fact?
A Material Fact is any information or circumstance concerning You, the cover or property to be insured which may affect the Terms or Conditions, or acceptance of cover or premium payable in respect of the Insurance. If You are in any doubt as to whether the information may be material such information should be disclosed.

What is Duty of Disclosure?
We are obliged to point out that you have a legal duty to provide to insurers all information which is material to the risk being insured, whether unfavourable or otherwise to you, at the time of placement. Material facts would include any information that could influence a decision by an Insurer on whether to accept a risk and if so, upon what premium and terms. If such information is not disclosed by you, your insurer has the right to void your insurance from its commencement. If this right is exercised any claims under your policy will not be met. This responsibility applies throughout the whole period that you are insured. We are required also to advise that failure to make full disclosure of material facts may also cause difficulties for you in trying to purchase insurance elsewhere.

How can I pay my insurance premium?
The following payment options are available:

Can I change my method of payment?
You can change your method of payment by contacting a member of the team before your renewal date. Unfortunately, for auditing reasons, we are unable to facilitate changeover once renewal date has passed.

Who do I make a cheque payable to?
Marsh Ireland

What is an excess?
AAn excess is the amount you must pay as part of the claim settlement. This amount will be shown on your Schedule and is deducted from your total claim.

If I have a complaint about the service, what are my entitlements?
Full details of all complaint processes are included in each policy booklet and ESB Staff Insurance Scheme are always available to assist you should you have a query.

What should I do if I leave ESB?
You must contact us prior to your departure if your occupation has changed and/or to discuss payment options.